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Journal of Excellence

Journal of Excellence

New for 2006.
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Journal of Excellence

Journal of Excellence


Mission Statement:
by Terry Orlick, PhD.
Founder and Editor in Chief

The Journal of Excellence is devoted to nurturing excellence in all human endeavors and all worthy pursuits. Our goal is to inspire excellence, present a forum to discuss the positive pursuit of excellence, and provide practical strategies and perspectives for pursuing high-level goals.

The Journal of Excellence is committed to excellence in sport, the performing arts, education, coaching, parenting, teaching, leadership, and every workplace. This is the only journal, which has EXCELLENCE in multiple domains as its sole focus. The ultimate mission of the Journal of Excellence is to provide insights and strategies for being successful in the pursuit of performance excellence and excellence in living.

Our vision is a journal that is applied in orientation, relevant in content and wide ranging in application. We are committed to:

  • Learning from and sharing the experiences of great performers and great people.
  • Developing a more thorough understanding of the mental links to excellence.
  • Promoting excellence in performance, learning and positive living.
  • Initiating positive real world change.

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