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Feeling Great: Teaching Children to Excel at Living

Feeling Great: Teaching Children to Excel at Living

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Feeling Great:
Teaching Children to Excel at Living

Teaching Children to Excel at Living is about enhancing the overall quality of living, learning and performing. To be most effective with this process, we must begin with children. Feeling Great provides a wealth of ideas and over 100 fun-filled games and activities to help children draw something positive out of each day, cope effectively with stress, perform closer to their potential and approach life with a stronger sense of joyfulness and self-confidence. It's no mistake that the subtitle of the book is Teaching Children to Excel at Living. The techniques provided are certainly useful in boosting personal achievement, and perhaps more important can enhance the overall quality of children's lives. Anyone, at any age, can benefit from learning to savor the good things in life, boost self-confidence, relax under stress, focus through distractions, or imagine positive solutions. Examples of activities: Spaghetti Toes is a special version of relaxation created specifically for kids. First, compare stiff, breakable, uncooked spaghetti to the soft, flexible, cooked variety. Which would you rather be? See if you can talk to your toes to get them to go soft and warm and sleepy like spaghetti lying on your plate. Continue through the whole body.

Leaf Connection improves concentration, focus and memory. Each child receives a leaf (or a potato, an apple, etc.) which he or she examines carefully and then returns to a common pile. The challenge is to find one's own leaf a few minutes later. Kids learn how to do this quickly.

A Highlight Book is a journal of good things that happen during the day. These can be grand events, but most will be very simple - waking up with a good dream, sharing lunch with a friend, seeing a beautiful garden, learning a new game, going down the big slide for the first time. Write them down, cut out pictures or draw your own highlights and then leaf through your book to remind yourself to look for the positives in life. When you start feeling down, change channels by focusing on your highlights. This one works for adults as well as children.

Terry Orlick, Ph.D.



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