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In Pursuit of Excellence

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In Pursuit of Excellence:
How to Win in Sport and Life Through Mental Training


This Fifth Edition of In Pursuit of Excellence will guide you in YOUR PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE in any sport, positive mission or challenging performance domain. You will learn essential Focusing and Re-Focusing Strategies that will free you to perform to your true capacity on a consistent basis in all parts of your life... on the playing field and off. You will learn how to focus your commitment, overcome obstacles to excellence, and achieve a higher level personal and professional satisfaction. The Fifth Edition of In Pursuit of Excellence is a must read for athletes, coaches, and anyone who wants to be the best they can be in their chosen performance and life enhancement domains. This includes helping High Performance Focus Coaches, Mental Trainers, sport psychologists, teachers, parents, leaders, business executives, ahtletes and other committed people who want to excel at what they do and help others excel at what they do. The Goal is to help everyone become the best they can possibly be in all parts of their lives and to help children and youth pursue excellence in sport and any other chosen performance domain...while maintaining a sense of positivitiy and balance throughout their lives.

Terry Orlick, Ph.D.



2015, Fifth Edition


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