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In Pursuit of Excellence: Audiocassette - Book
Book Title: In Pursuit of Excellence: Audiocassette - Book

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In Pursuit of Excellence:

In Pursuit of Excellence, the popular mental training book, is now available on audiocassette. This two-cassette package brings the book to life by helping listeners put important mental concepts and strategies into practice. Covering topics like mental imagery, relaxation, distraction control, simulation, and self-hypnosis, the cassettes instruct listeners how to develop a positive outlook that will help them achieve their aspirations in athletics and beyond. Listeners learn how to focus their commitment, overcome obstacles to excellence, and achieve greater personal and professional satisfaction. The small, portable format allows listeners to keep the tapes handy and to listen to them whenever needed - like before a big game, test, or business meeting. Plus, the tapes' electronic indexing feature allows listeners to quickly cue up their favorite sections. Whether used alone or with the book, the audio edition of In Pursuit of Excellence will help listeners make the most of their potential in sport and life. A great resource for recreational and competitive athletes, coaches, sport psychologists, business executives, students, and parents.

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